Abby and Craig

How has RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope changed your lives?

Samantha’s Gift of Hope provided us with exactly that—hope. Throughout the journey, they gave us our precious baby and completed our family. We will always be indebted to the Kaulig family.

What advice would you give to couples who are considering IVF?

Maintaining patience is crucial. You and your partner will rely heavily on each other to navigate the highs and lows. Believe me, the journey is marked by significant fluctuations. Understanding the process collectively and supporting each other through it is paramount. Remember, it’s not just one person experiencing this; it’s a journey you both share.

Now that you have been through it, what would you say to others seeking help?

Hold onto hope. Take the time to research and brace yourself for the ups and downs ahead—it’s going to be quite the ride! Some days will bring immense joy, while others may be tough to endure. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to not feel okay. Allow yourself to express your emotions openly without any sense of shame or embarrassment. Avoid comparing your journey to anyone else’s; this path is uniquely yours. Take the initiative to ask questions and fully understand the process, including how your body and mind will be impacted. You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll gain about your own body and its functions along the way.

What made you and your partner decide to seek help for infertility?

After three years of attempting to conceive through natural methods and using general medications, our physician directed us to RGI.

How was your experience with the 100% Guaranteed Plan?

The moment we learned that we had been awarded the grant, everything changed for us. It surpassed our expectations in ways we never imagined. Throughout three rounds of IVF, the reassurance of knowing we could continue was an incredible source of hope and comfort.

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