Courtney and Brian

How has RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope changed your lives?

RGI made it possible for us to experience the joys of becoming parents. There is no greater feeling or love in this world that we’ve experienced than bringing Liam into this world. We cannot thank Lisa, Matt, and Sam enough for their generosity and helping couples pay towards their IVF journeys. Winning the grant also allowed us to feel like this is happening; it’s meant to be. We are moving in the right direction, and it helped relieve a huge stressor which IVF can be since insurance often does not cover any IVF procedures.

What made you and your partner decide to seek help for infertility?

We tried to conceive for five years with no success and decided it was time to speak with a fertility specialist to see our options.

How was your experience with the 100% Guaranteed Plan?

We were very blessed because our experience went very smoothly, and we conceived our son on the very first try. I also felt more hopeful that we would have a successful pregnancy since we were approved for the “guarantee program.

How did Samantha’s Gift of Hope provide support/comfort during IVF?

SGOH lessened the stress for us by knowing financially that we would not be in a considerable amount of debt going through with IVF. SGOH was a huge blessing and helped relieve so much stress for us to make the process much more pleasant.

Now that you’ve been through it, what would you say to others seeking help?

I would say to find a good support system of couples going through it. I’ve learned how inspirational and helpful I’ve been for couples during their IVF journey after they’ve heard my story. Everybody’s journey is different, but a lot suffering from Infertility may have similar situations, and it can really help to have people going through similar situations to talk to. I used to blame myself for the reason why my husband and I could not conceive, then I realized after going to RGI how many patients were suffering from infertility and learned that it was ok. I stopped feeling guilty after realizing it was completely normal, and we weren’t the only couple having a hard time conceiving.

What would you tell someone who may be apprehensive about IVF?

I was scared at first with the idea of IVF, but if I never took that plunge, I probably would not be answering these questions or holding my miracle baby. While you never know the outcome and every journey is different, I would encourage people to hope.

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