Joanie and Jason

How has RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope changed your lives?

RGI made our dreams come true! And Samantha’s Gift of Hope… there really aren’t words to express how they changed our lives. We won their grant in 2019, and it has continued to bless us several years later. Their grant allowed us to use our funds in other ways; retirement, home/car upgrades, college savings, charitable contributions, and so on.

Tell us what you’re up to now?

We’re in the thick of parenthood! It’s the most challenging job we’ve ever had, but the most rewarding too. We love watching life through our daughter’s eyes. Everything is brand new for her, and it’s such a joy to experience it with her.

What advice would you give to couples who are considering IVF?

There’s no denying it can be scary, hard, and a long process, but oh so worth it. Because of IVF, my faith has grown leaps and bounds. I preserved and gained a strength I never had before. I’m more resilient, determined, and empathetic. Sometimes our journey doesn’t look the way we want it to, but that doesn’t mean God won’t use it for our good.

How did Samantha’s Gift of Hope provide support/comfort during IVF?

It was such a relief not to have to carry the entire financial burden that often accompanies IVF. There was consolation in knowing the SGH family also went through the experiences of infertility and IVF treatments. SGH isn’t just invested financially—Lisa is right along with you if you want—offering emotional support, words of encouragement, and prayers for success.

How was your experience with the 100% Guaranteed Plan?

In a word, successful!  While IVF is an arduous journey, knowing that the guarantee program offered resolution was comfort.

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