Lindsay and Daniel

How has RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope changed your lives?

RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope has given us the best gift we will ever receive, our beautiful baby boy.  We can’t imagine how we lived without him and can only begin to imagine what the years to come will be like. We will forever be grateful to RGI and SGoH.

How did you decide on RGI?

RGI came highly recommended by one of my closest friends. She struggled with infertility for some time as well, and now she and her husband have two healthy children because of RGI and Dr. Maseelall. My ob-gyn also recommended RGI to us.

How was your experience with the 100% Guaranteed Plan?

For us, it was nice to have that peace of mind that we didn’t have just one shot at IVF, that it was guaranteed that we would become parents.

 How did Samantha’s Gift of Hope provide support/comfort during IVF?

Knowing of a couple that had successfully gone through IVF themselves was comforting and gave us hope. Ultimately, we were grateful that Samantha’s Gift of Hope was in our corner and with us every step of the way.

Now that you’ve been through it, what would you say to others seeking help?

I would tell others to continue seeking help, never to give up, and to always have faith! Miracles happen every day – that’s what RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope have done for us. I would also tell others (especially the women) that they are not alone, and finding other women struggling with infertility was crucial in this journey for me. I would turn to these warriors (as we sometimes called each other) for guidance, strength, and to not feel like we are the only women with infertility struggles.

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