Lindsay and Zach

How has RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope changed your lives?
Without RGI and SGOH, we would not have our daughter Tenley! She is our greatest blessing and changed our lives for the better! Being selected by SGOH for our grant lifted so many weights off of our shoulders with the fears of the financial cost and also lifted our spirits and hopes in knowing that we finally had a chance to welcome a baby into our family. We couldn’t be more thankful for SGOH, the Kaulig’s, Dr. Maseelall, RGI, and all the others that were part of our journey. We are forever grateful and
appreciative for everything and we can’t wait for the day that we are able to share all of this with Tenley and explain to her how important all of you are in our lives!

What made you and your partner decide to seek help for infertility?
We had been trying to get pregnant for about a year and unfortunately had no success. My cycles were regular, I was tracking by BBT and ovulation, and still we had no luck. My husband and I talked about it and said that it might be time to take a closer look at us both to see if something was decreasing our chances.

How did you decide on RGI?
When speaking with some friends who were going through the same thing, they recommended going to see Dr. Maseelall at RGI. They told us how great she was and how they were able to get pregnant with her help. They said she was very knowledgeable and was very personable.

How did Samantha’s Gift of Hope provide support/comfort during IVF?
SGOH provided us with support/comfort during our IVF journey and still to this day! During our first transfers, Lisa was always checking in and sending us positive vibes and prayers. She was encouraging throughout it all and easy to talk to about her journey with Samantha. We continued our relationship with SGOH after the birth of our daughter Tenley and attended the Walk for Babies event at the Akron Zoo as part of Team Samantha. We got to chat and enjoy the animals with others there as well as have Tenley explore the Zoo with Samantha, Lisa, and Matt. Our daughter’s favorite stuffed animal is the SGOH bear that was sent to us for our welcome home care package and she is dearly attached. SGOH was so helpful to us and sent us an additional “Sammy Bear ” in case anything were to happen to the original one. This
speaks volumes to their continued support of their families and the impact that they make. We are so thankful to have them in our lives!

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